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Article: sustainability



We are constantly working on making our environmental footprint lighter, but it is a complex path.

GOTS certified Eco cotton

All our melange cotton is in GOTS certified Eco cotton. GOTS certifies that the use of hazardous chemicals is prohibited, and all waste water is treated, protecting workers and their water supplies. All chemicals must meet strict toxicity and biodegradability rules. GOTS is the world’s leading standard for textiles made from certified organically produced raw materials. Please note that the yarn and the dyeing of the colours are certified - not the making of the garment, and not the accessories.

Manufactured without harmful chemicals

Our melange cotton is certified with Oeko-tex 100, and it is furthermore organically grown. 

Next step for us is to secure that the oil & paraffine used in the knitting factory, will pass Oeko-tex standard 100. 

The factories of our lambswool, eco cotton, merino cotton and t-shirt production have the BSCI certificate, which regulates working hours and assures that child labour is not used.

Plastic bags

Since our annual output is about 90.000 pieces of knitwear and t-shirt, we also put 90.000 pieces of plastic bags into the world. We need them to keep the garments clean, while handling. From aw19 production onwards, we have made our plastic bags lighter, from 10gr to 8gr. 

Please encourage the shops to recycle the plastic bags after unpacking. 

Eco friendly packaging - FSC certificate 

All our cardboard boxes have the FSC certificate (forrest stewardship council) that confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers. Also our hangtags have the FSC certificate and are made from recycled paper.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Starting with the aw20 catalogue, it will have the swan-eco label - see at the back of the catalogue - the number applies to the printer that has the certificate. The printing company’s production process has a very low environmental impact when compared with other printing companies. The requirements apply mainly to the printing process, including paper consumption, and the paper and chemicals used by the printing company. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel also rewards production processes that facilitate the recycling of printed matter.


Below are the different organisations that test & issue certificates. If you would like to see the 

certificates, we can send them to you. You can find more information on their websites as below: 

GOTS - The Global Organic Textile Standard -

Oeko-tex -



Nordic Swan Ecolabel -

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