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the ne-serie is a mansted bestseller.

the serie contains four styles in 100% soft eco cotton; the sweaters neria and nectar, and the two cardigans nea and nesca. we repeat all four styles in new vibrant colors season after season, summer and winter - simply because we love it.


neria dark roseneria dark rose
neria dark rose Sale price699 DKK
neria dark denimneria dark denim
neria dark denim Sale price699 DKK
nectar red twistnectar red twist
nectar red twist Sale price699 DKK
nectar red twist - SMSnectar red twist - SMS
nectar red twist - SMS Sale priceFrom 399 DKK Regular price699 DKK
nectar dustynectar dusty
nectar dusty Sale price699 DKK
nectar dark pinknectar dark pink
nectar dark pink Sale price699 DKK
neria blue twistneria blue twist
neria blue twist Sale price699 DKK
nectar light denimnectar light denim
nectar light denim Sale price699 DKK
nea blue twistnea blue twist
nea blue twist Sale price799 DKK
neria dark pinkneria dark pink
neria dark pink Sale price699 DKK
nectar blue twistnectar blue twist
nectar blue twist Sale price699 DKK
nectar turquoisenectar turquoise
nectar turquoise Sale price699 DKK
nea dark pinknea dark pink
nea dark pink Sale price799 DKK
nesca-aw21 midnight twistnesca-aw21 midnight twist
nesca-aw21 midnight twist Sale price799 DKK
nea-aw21 cloudnea-aw21 cloud
nea-aw21 cloud Sale price699 DKK
nea-aw21 dark olivenea-aw21 dark olive
nea-aw21 dark olive Sale price699 DKK
nea-aw21 turquoisenea-aw21 turquoise
nea-aw21 turquoise Sale price699 DKK
nea-aw21 leafnea-aw21 leaf
nea-aw21 leaf Sale price699 DKK
nectar-aw21 cloudnectar-aw21 cloud
nectar-aw21 cloud Sale price699 DKK
nectar-aw21 turquoisenectar-aw21 turquoise
nectar-aw21 turquoise Sale price699 DKK
nectar-aw21 midnight twistnectar-aw21 midnight twist
nectar-aw21 midnight twist Sale price699 DKK
nectar-aw21 blacknectar-aw21 black
nectar-aw21 black Sale price699 DKK
nectar-aw21 dark olivenectar-aw21 dark olive
nectar-aw21 dark olive Sale price699 DKK
nectar-aw21 leafnectar-aw21 leaf
nectar-aw21 leaf Sale price699 DKK
nectar-ss21 skynectar-ss21 sky
nectar-ss21 sky Sale price699 DKK
nea-aw20 cloudnea-aw20 cloud
nea-aw20 cloud Sale price699 DKK
nea currynea curry
nea curry Sale price699 DKK
nea warm rednea warm red
nea warm red Sale priceFrom 499 DKK Regular price699 DKK